Friday, October 18, 2013

The kill @ the ville, Day 2 & The creek up the street.

61 F mostly overcast.
I ran up to my spot today, getting there @ 1:00 but the sun I had seen at noon, in the village was way overcast. Here is where I started.

Here is what my scene looked like when I got there, completely different than yesterday, So I decided to wing it.One thing about painting this was that when you look at the bridge, the foliage looks a certain way, like wise the near trees and the same with the far hills, so sometimes you have to paint one element like you're looking at another element, and see what happens.

Here it is at the end of the session today, about an hour's painting. I had to try and remember what was happening with the light, but at least I had the scene to reference. I could have done it yesterday, or at home...

Here's the bridge.

At 5:00  55  F, with  the sun ready to set.

This is right up the street, I could have walked  It's the same creek that flows through my backyard, I could have painted here. I liked the reflection off the water, the light on the field in the background and the back lit overgrowth.

This is after I just got the panel covered, I didn't have much time, so I mixed just about all the colors with the pallet knife and threw them on before they were ready.

Here is the scene. Why do this?

Here is where I ended up.  The light on the scene keeps shifting, as does the reflection on the panel itself, squirmy thing this light!

Hard to organize a painting like this.

This is Coila Rd. the bridge was just closed and I thought I'd get to paint on top of the creek, but the light wasn't there.

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