Monday, October 14, 2013

Two new paintings in, 6 out the door, great show, time to crash!

55  F  clouds moving in.   "I promise to add more paintings to this site"

I'm on the bank of the Battenkill in Shushan, NY  it's about 8:30 A.M. The sun hasn't risen high enough to illuminate the river, but I figure it's on it's way. I've only painted here once before, last year, It's under the covered bridge museum in Shushan.

Here is my start, it's 9 x 12. I wasn't sure how fast the clouds were going to come in today, so I figured I'd start small, besides I'm tired and it's early.

There's a path to this spot, it's steep, but not too bad.

I used thinned out alizerine crimson for the tone, which is just so bright, but I'm no longer frantic about covering it. Here it's almost covered, and I'm sure if you look closely you can see it peek through the finished painting.

The scene has some great contrasts, even without the bridge and it's reflection in it. As the sun came up the darkness of the large bank of trees, moderated into partly lit areas,

Most everything is now in play.

I'm standing on two rocks, where I balance is where my view point is, is this good?

The subject tree, on a small island in the river is now catching light just as I'd hoped.

Here is where it ended up after about 1 1/2 hours or so.  I's still attracted to places with little on no man-made things,  When your tired it's best to go with what you know.

Here is my "camp-site"

It was still early, and even though some clouds moved in, they were thin and it was bright nonetheless, so I went to another spot that I've done may times before:

Juniper Swamp rd. also in Shushan, NY.

I put in this dark, knowing full well that it was way more dark than what was there.  Last year I did all these grey paintings because I had so many grey days, and I wanted to push it in another direction ( how one pushes a day's light in another direction, well just ask Zeus)

Here it is mostly covered.

Here is where I ended up,  I finished with the brightest yellows and whites and I think they popped a bit, we'll see how they look back home.

Here is my little spot in Larry's  Barn, I sold 6 paintings total this weekend and got tons of positive re-enforcement, but all that socializing was exhausting and I'll need to de-compress.  I made a lot of new friends and contacts, so I'll be looking forward to all that.