Saturday, November 23, 2013

10,000 Page views for this blog! Today, Fish Creek, Town of Saratoga. Winter is really here.

38  F  windy chilly!  some sun, some clouds.

This is what I got today, it's 9 x 12, and I worked quickly, it was cold, at least, so far for this season.

I was coming back from Ballston Spa and had a little time to paint, I was going to go to Hudson Crossings park, It was cold & windy, and I was under dressed for the conditions,  so I decided it would be warmer in a more intimate location.  I have admired this spot for a while, and today was a perfect day to stop.

This was really quick, and you can tell!

The creek is relatively low, another advantage of this time of year, and the spot is just a real short few steps from where I parked.

This is my new Truck magnet sign.

I just got to 10,000 page views for this blog, it's been a great experience!  A BIG THANK YOU!

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