Sunday, November 3, 2013

Battenkill @ Pooks, Day 2 or two days?

NY. 42  F  sunny a bit chilly, some wind.

I went back to the same spot on the Battenkill @ Pooks, in Shushan, NY.

Here is where I ended up.

The sun was out, and that changed everything, the light on the subject trees was better than yesterday, but the quality of the water had changed too.  I couldn't change the sky, or I just didn't want to.

Here is a progress shot about 1/2 way through an hour or so session.  I liked the way the light backlit the tress even though The light hadn't done that when I started, it looked good.

So I lived (painted anyway), two days into the same painting, while it was a bit weird, it happens all the time, usually not in such a strait-forward manner.


  1. Nice going, Matt. The high-key meadow behind the tree trunks makes the whole thing light up now. Looks like you also toned back the railroad bridge so it wouldn't compete. Sweet. I lived in your area -- Hoosick Falls (aka Grandma Moses country!) -- back around 1969-71. Wasn't painting at that time, but always loved the look & feel of the place. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Pete, The light changed quite a bit between the time I started and the time I finished, (when doesn't it?) When I painted the sky the trees were not back lit and the water was captured at yet a different time. I do feel fortunate to live here, amid such pastoral beauty! I'll look forward to seeing more of your city-scapes, Thanks again, Matt