Monday, November 11, 2013

Battenkill River near the Hudson River, Another Bridge, freshly painted.

44  F   some sun early, then clouds.

This is where I ended up today. Looking at the painting and the photo I can see now how "painted" the bridge looks, well it's too light and monotone, so I'll fuss with it a bit, but won't go back.

Here is my scene. I had to go to Saratoga to drop off a painting, so I thought I'd paint on the way, Last January  I did a small painting of this bridge from the other side of the road.

First block in.

2nd block in.

Most everything in place.

My spot was on the far bank,  the backpack is perfect for this kind of location, I can't park there.

Old New York,  this bridge needs some fixing!

View from my spot looking down river, not far from here it enters the Hudson.

Once you start to look for places like this you can really sniff them out.