Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Delta blues, Hoosik River and the Pencil Brook. Day 1.


50  F  Sun and some early clouds,

I found this place along the Hoosick River on the Washington County side of Buskirk.  I had seen it before but today was the day.

I've always been intrigued by the place a tributary meets a river, so mysterious.

I had to jump the creek at the shortest point right in the middle of the pic.  I made it.

First blocks of color.

The whole dynamic of a painting like this felt very foreign to me.

I ended here though I know I have a lot more to do, the sun had changed a bit since the start, and I was facing the wrong way, but it didn't seem to matter this time.

 I had a nice flat spot to set up, so I was able to step back just a bit, that makes the size of the view smaller in the frame of my panel, so I can put in the kind of detail I want, this is 14x16.

What an awesome spot, it was about 100 yards walk in, and I probably picked up a tick or two.....

In the background is Buskirk's Bridge, I was painting on the other side last week, I didn't like how the sun hit it, nor the view from this side, at least today.

This little island I found was like being in the middle of the River!

Maybe another painting.

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