Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dionondahowa Falls Once in 7 years, turkey on a birthday!

28  F  sunny and calm

Here is where I ended up today. It's my 52nd birthday!

Look at where I went.

This is off Windy Hill Rd. in Middle Falls, just west of  Greenwich.

This is my scene, WOW.

My first blocks. This is the first vertical painting in ...

I started at 12:30 and went to 2:30, had a few visitors this is about 1/2 way.  It was challenging painting looking down, and behind the foliage on the right,  The trees on the left hug the waterfall, a fact that eluded me until I got it back huh?

I'm going to change the line between the fore-ground tree and the waterfall. I also don't know why it was so hard for me to get the sun-lit portions of the white water to jump out, as they did maybe taking the value of everything else!

I admit that when I first heard about this falls, I imagined a rock ledge, no railing and yeah, but this was nice and safe, oh well!