Monday, November 18, 2013

Duel Hollow Day 2 down on the farm after Saturday at the Met.

56  F   big nice clouds.
Here is where I ended up today.

 I went to the Met in NYC this Saturday for 4 hour by myself so I could look at acres and acres of paintings.  I could go on about this experience, but I'll just ask: well, what does it do to your own mind after seeing such beauty and genius?  It scrambles it up, shocks it into mush, sends it into a fit of darkness/piercing bright light and leaves you spent that's what.

Here is my scene today, the water was higher, and there were some nice clouds in the sky (which I butchered) but I think it was pretty much the same as last Thursday.


Here is where I started today.

This is about an hour into today's session,  I had a hard time getting a grip.

This is just a few minutes shy of the end of the session, a bit over 1 1/2 hrs today,  I really did get lost, and wasn't sure of the way home,  I guess I started back, but wanted to look at this more at home before I made any more  judgments.


  1. A wonderful place to walk and to paint. Well done!

    1. Thank You Chani, I really am lucky to live is such a beautiful place! Best, Matt