Thursday, November 21, 2013

First winter painting, a little scramble, a little sun.

38  F @ start, mostly sunny.

Here is where I ended up today. I will probably tweak the highlights a bit, and maybe the trees and some of the dark notes in the water...

This was my scene in about the middle of the session, about 11:00 of so. I started just after 10:00, early for me, and went to about 12:00 or so.

Here is my start.  I take a bit of time to compose and it's done when I block in the black(dark purple) as you know I like diagonals and  X's . I also decide how "big" the picture will be, I find some thing on the right and left sides to be my "stop" so I can at least try to measure stuff out.

This is about 45 minutes, and I've got everything in play, These colors clearly say winter, as does  the 10  F  morning temperature, my layering of clothes, etc...

By now it's moving right along, and if my colors are too far off oh well!  I mean you can change things here and there but basically your colors are there.

The sun was moving toward the center of the scene, which enhances the shadows and the reflection, but in just 2 hours it starts to become a different painting and I don't want to chase it.  I may go in and tweak the painting.

This is the Owlkill Creek, one of my favorite, I've got a few spots at various places, this one was a bit of a scramble from the road down about 20 ' of  overgrowth to a bunch of deer paths, thanks, deer!  It's also a place way too overgrown in the summer, and when it snows may be impossible to get to in the winter....


  1. You have a wonderful painting going here, Matt. Your composition leads me into the painting and these colors are so pleasing. Don't lose that feeling of spontaneity.

  2. Thank You Don and Karen, I love getting down near the water, like I'm in it! I often just touch-up a painting when it comes back, just to fix obvious mistakes etc... I saw your blog yesterday I loved it! Thanks again, Matt