Thursday, November 14, 2013

Return to The Holy Grail, tailgate party! Two bridges, finished!

40  F   Mostly clear

I called this spot as the Holy Grail of landscapes When I first found it, and when I drove by today, I know why.

Here is my first cut of dark color, much of what I started to see as dark, went into the grey side as my session went along.


I got 2 hours in today, 1/2 day for elementary kids, I'll need to come back, but I not until next week.

It seems like a while since I've worked off the back of the truck, what a luxury!

I tried to get the temperature of the bridge cooler and a bit darker, this photo did something weird too.  I think I moved it in the right direction, but the fussing makes the paint all fussed over, and that's not as good as fresh,  and done.

I just needed to take this shot again,  but it too looks a bit washed out.

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