Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Battenkill @ Pooks Day 1 Sold 3 Paintings to a collector yesterday!

58  F  Mostly Cloudy

Here is where I ended up today.

The scene when I started has a bit more light than this pic, and the majority of the foliage was in the shadow.

First block in.

Pretty close to monochrome,  I didn't consciously do this.

All the colors get mixed in with the first blocks, It's like I forget how to paint and make a mess!

I knew I was in trouble today, I liked the color unity (to some extent) but the clouds moved in soon after I started,

I got some light torward the end of my session (4:30), so I put that in behind the big tree mass.

My pallet. and brushes.

I never go on county hi ways,  but my best shot at the bridge was from here and I was protected from the fast-moving traffic, the guard rail made a good table.

These are the paintings I sold yesterday:

Battenkill @ Shushan

Content Farm Rd.

Owlkill Creek @ Owlkill Rd.