Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today is really, really winter! Snow in Salem?

Wicked cold, windy mostly sunny.
This was the temp. this A.M.  It will get colder, so....

I thought there was more snow in Salem, and there was, but not much, The dirt driveway holds the snow  so I picked this scene: Salem Art Work's back lot with the kiln in the middle ground, the sun bouncing violently off the snow. The cold takes all the moisture from the sky and everything is super-clear, The veils of brambles and branches make for a softness that counteracts the sharpness of the atmosphere.

Now I remember why I did small paintings in the winter, speed! It also forces you to work quickly, focus on the essential, and not bother with the frivolous, what happens is a result of getting through the conditions, and it may be good and it may not.

 Just a few minutes into it.  Just a week ago I was swearing off of small paintings, they were too small to get anything, it's amazing what a change in the weather will do.

I liked seeing some green grass lit up in the middle ground, as well some yellow ocher and some random reds here and there.

This is where it ended up today, though I think I'll work it some more,  In the end, does it matter that you freeze your ***off? if you don't get something out of it?  Let's do a re-enactment....

Working at SAW is like home away from home,  so I can just paint when the weather throws a challenge, at least until I re-quaint myself with the cold. Thanks SAW!


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