Saturday, November 9, 2013

Walloomsac River, @ State Rt. 22 Down under the bridge.

42  F  cloudy, calm.

My scene today.
Today I went to a spot under the Route 22 bridge that spans the
Walloomsac River in North Hoosick, NY. I've driven over this span hundreds of times and had no idea how majestic it was just under the roadway.

Here is my start.

This is at about 1 hour.

 This is about 1 1/2 hrs. into it. I worked a bit further and I thought I took an end of session photo but must have forgot!

I took this in the shop with the flash, It's close but I'll tweak it a bit.
This is not 100 yards from where I parked, but it was a bit of a scramble, I'm packing everything into a backpack, so I can take it in one trip.  I also found a nice flat spot!

This is where I parked and the entrance to the path I found.
There are great places just a few steps off the road.

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