Thursday, December 12, 2013

Delavan Rd. White Creek, NY

20  F  a bit windy, sunny.
Here is where I ended up today, Perry's Orchard is in the mid-ground,  I came over here to try and get a view of the orchard, but the light wasn't right so I picked this.

I'll have to work on it a bit....

Here is my scene when I started, It had been calm when I left the house, but it is often calm in the village and windy in the hills.

Here is my first block in, you can see I'm not really making sense, I didn't get the darks figured out before I started on the sky.....

I'm actually liking the tone I'm using, it's a bit dark, especially when the light is so bright!

The sun was piercing in this view, but all in all the scene didn't change too much.

It got colder by the time I got back. The cold makes me a different painter, I see things differently and I move differently, The paint gets thick and I'm using a medium to get it to move, its turpentine,  damar varnish and stand oil. My brushstrokes look different, and the paint has varied

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