Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Feeder Canal 2nd day, adventure awaits around the corner!

20  F  light snow
Here is where I ended up today, not 100 yards from yesterday's spot. (yes that is snow)

 I had to go back to Glens Falls to pick up a painting at a group show at the Crandall Library (I forgot to get it yesterday!) So I wanted to get a view of the river and thought I might have a good one farther down the trail....This was where I crossed over onto the feeder canal trail.

I walked up and down, probably about a mile or so, not finding the commanding view of the river that I was seeking, but by then it was 2:30 and I decided I was meant to subject the cement plant.

The first blocks.

When I finally settled on the scene, (I had to eliminate the sign and the guard rail), but I ended up really liking the color of the sky, which was yellow reddish and warm, it was in contrast to the cold grays everywhere else. (and the smoke, or course)

I also liked the piles of snow and how the light touched them gently.

I worked on this for about an hour, when I started I was in a sweat from hiking a mile with all my stuff, it started to snow, just a light very cold "dry" snow, that I just mixed in with the paint, I'm thinking "do normal people do this?", but I really enjoyed what I was able to do today, the scene co-operated, and by 3:30 I was getting seriously chilled, so I packed it in.

This is looking the other way, across the canal, Rt. 4 and the welding supply store, where I parked, not 100 yards from my spot. When I got back to the truck, it wouldn't start, a guy at the store lent me a can of starter fluid and another guy helped by spraying it in while I started it!  A huge THANKS! to a couple of kind-hearted souls who helped me when I needed it, I was warm and on my way in no time.


  1. love it .. we are still waiting for our proper cold snap ... its just wind and rain at the moment.

    1. Thanks John, snow is one of the things I love about where I live, so I feel very fortunate. Were now in the middle of a major winter storm, and it's wicked cold, so I've found my limit, or it found me, I'll look forward to seeing your next painting when the weather there co-operates, Paint on...Matt