Monday, December 30, 2013

Feeder Canal, a whole new perspective.

25 and dropping, clear.
This is my result today, I started late, and had short hour to actually paint, but I again discovered a great spot with even more potential for subjects.

The feeder path goes by this cement plant, nobody was around, I walked along the path maybe about a 1/2 mile, but there was much more to discover.

I had this 12 x 9 from last month and it had the orange tone, not a good choice, but it was my only one.

I had come to Glens Falls to put the labels on my Paintings (see previous post) I got a late start, but wanted to get a river view, It was after 2:00 when I finished, and started to find my spot, I knew I had to find one reasonably quick, so I found the entrance to this while looking for an entry to the river. I've seen the signs for this "Trail" in a location I drive by frequently.

I had to work real fast because the light was changing rapidly, it was also getting colder by the minute.

By the end of my session and only an hour to work all the light was off my subject. It was after 4:00 and my fingers were starting to get cold, so I had to break it down and get back to the truck, and the heat in my truck is always blasting!

Here's looking South from My spot.

Thanks to all those that make this possible, Can't wait to go back.

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