Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hoosick River at Eagle Bridge at State Hi way 67

34  F  windy sunny with some clouds.
The cold sneaked up on me today! I didn't get started until around 2:00, the wind had picked up and by 3:00 I was trying to wrap it up.

My ending was very sketchy, maybe I'll fuss with it, or maybe it'll stay sketchy.

I couldn't decide what I wanted, and ended up at Eagle Bridge, where I was thinking "metal bridge" but I saw this view from the metal bridge, (to the metal RR bridge.)

I'm essentially looking south, the sun sets at 4:18, so.....

I'm getting a grip on this tone, but I'll see if I want to keep using it.

The closer to sunset the more dramatic the changes,  but I had to work fast because I was cold.

I'm right on the bridge, and it's a state Hi way, so traffic moves very fast, I felt safe with a guard rail, otherwise I'd never paint on this road.

I'm on the side walk, nobody went by

 Looking across the road and down the river.

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