Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hoosick River, Johnsonville Bridge.

25  F  Mostly cloudy, calm.
This is today's effort, back home, sorry the photo is blurry.

Here is my scene, it's the Hoosick River with the Johnsonville bridge. Just recently the bridge was closed so there's no traffic on it.

Here is the bridge, (I took this at the end of my session when the light was stronger.

I had forgotten my easel, luckily I had some long sticks in the truck so I jerry-rigged a quich tri-pod.

It was a bit weird, and it was very low, so I had to sit on my back-pack/stool,
 I couldn't drive back for it!

Here it is almost 1/2 way through the session,  it was cloudy, I had thought the sun would come out, and it did, changes I could have anticipated.....

I really didn't like having that stick right there!

I work the scene in layers, so that the  general background gets worked first, like the snow  and far hills, I put the trees and things like the metal bridge on top, today the light changed just after I started putting the trees in, but i tyhink that was OK.

Getting close.

It was another pleasant day when the sun came out, but my feet got cold and after about 1 1/2 hours or so I packed it in.

The water had an icey-blue tone that had more color or a different color that usual.

There is the view looking up-river.

Here are my tracks from the road to my spot.

Here is another view of the bridge, here in up-state, we have tons of bridges like this and they are beautiful, but there falling apart......


  1. Matt...Saw your 'like' on Feb, which led me here. Good job on this painting. As for your improvised easel, good fer you! I'd have gone home whining, and another day would have been lost.

    1. Hi Donald, Thanks for your comment, I went to this location just for the bridge, it's farther than I usually go, so going back wan't an option, I was lucky to not have cleaned my truck!, the next day I went and set up on the Battenkill and forgot my brushes....