Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Minute Painting

27  F   a bit overcast
This was about 3:30 today at Hoosick River.

My scene when I started just before 1:30, the sum had come out in the morning, but the sky was getting overcast by now, still, I liked the light off the water here, it was pretty bright when I started.

Today's pallet.

first block in.

Lot of sky and water.

I'm afraid I had started with the water too blue, maybe it was the day greying up.

Yeah, OK so I took this selfie, I'm going to bury it here in the middle of this post.

I really do wear these gloves!

The worst photo ever, but for the most part completed.

Looking East, or down river at the Buskirk Bridge.

New panels!