Friday, December 6, 2013

More trees, more mud, Reynolds rd, Cambridge, NY

40  F  cloudy,
I thought it was going to rain today, it didn't and was mostly cloudy, with a hint of sun...

This is my scene when I started just before 1:00,  It took a while to find, I'm not sure why.

Everything was different with the tone being a cool blue-purple, my first dark/grey colors didn't contrast that much and were hard to see.

As I moved into the light/ greens and warm mud colors I got a better grip.

I kept working to get the dark of the pine tree dark enough, it just wouldn't go there.

There was a bit of sunshine that lit up the green/yellow of the middle-ground hill and a few spots also in the middle ground, it was quite exciting, and I did try and record it, but the overall overcast of the day stayed in the painting, maybe I made the sky too dark, or maybe...

Here it is just a bit before I ended the session.

Here is where  I finished (for the day) just after about 2 hours. I think I made the sky too dark, and I have a few other things to tweak. It seems no matter what I do the grayness of the day shows up in the paint, even if I fight against it. I'm also wondering why i started with such a cool tone......

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