Monday, December 16, 2013

Owlkill Creek, White Creek, NY

20 F  Sunny with a few clouds, calm.
Here is where I ended up today.  This is the 5th painting at this site.

In the summer it would be way too overgrown to get down in there, but with the snow it actually made it easier, I walked in maybe 50 yards off the road.

Here is my first block in of dark.

It took me longer than usual to "suit-up" today, and I didn't get started until 1:30 I was expecting a high in the teens, but it was 20 when I left the house, when I set up I was in the sun and there was no wind, a totally pleasant day!... or hour, as after that It started to cool down and I started getting cold. There's the train!

I started with a warmer yellow grey, and it seems to work!

This is looking north, or up-stream, the bridge is Owlkill  Road,

 This is close to the end of my session which ended around 3:00.

 Here is my scene. I had wanted water, but wanted a far hill/field with snow on it. I got it.

Here is the painting at the end of the session, 1 1/2 hous today. I did work on the trees tonight but only to fill in the missing parts.


My pallet, I move my paint from the bigger pallet, so I can put in in the panel carrier.  I can move everything in one carry.

Here is my pack, I put my mineral spirits and medium in salsa jars, and they go into a box I made to fit the pack out of a wax-soaked cardboard.

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