Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pay Dirt.

43   F  Mostly cloudy,  bit o' sun.
Here is the scene and my work at the end of my session, close to 3:30

Here is where I started. The tone of my canvas it now out of season, but I'm using it anyway.

I was looking for a dirt road today and I drove around way more than I should have.

My first block in,  I chose this scene because I liked the challenge of what I saw.  I also found a place to pull over.

At first there was no sun on the road, and the light was coming from the reflection off the feild behind the trees on the left, and a bit from the sky above the road. Otherwise it was a monochrome and a lot of mud.

The sun came out late, and I had no choice as to include it.  It did upscale the back-lit field.

I ended up using a pretty limited pallet, all the same colors, with a touch of the alizerine and prussian.

Here is where I ended up, after close to two hours.

This is looking the other way.

Nice quiet dirt road,  there weren't many places to pull off.

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