Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Skellie Rd.

This was the temp. when I left the house about 11;00 or so. There were clouds and some sun, and the wind gusted a bity now and then.

Here is my scene just after noon today, It's on Skellie Rd, Greenwich (I think),  right on the Battenkill River, and a place not 100 yards away where I've painted a few times.

Here is where I began with my pallet.

I'm still using this really "cool" tone, maybe I'll warm up the next batch.

Sorry this was the first pic. It was cold, when the wind blew especially, had to hang onto the easel, when it was calm and the sun was out it was actually nice!

The clouds were doing some nice things, so I tried to use them in the composition. They moved really fast so....

I've been dying to paint snow, and that's why I picked this scene,  there was at least a bit  When the sun hit the barn roof, wow! luckily it stayed the same most of the session, which was sun on the barn, then off the barn and back, it was a reasonable back and forth.

Here is where I ended the session, I lasted about 1 1/2 hours, not bad,  I'm in "get it done" mode, so not much foolin' around.

I'll probably fuss with it a bit, but will have to look at it some more.....

My pallet at the end of session.

Right across the road.

Looking south on Skellie Rd.