Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow !!!!! Cambridge Creek, out back.

27  F  cloudy  a few flakes in the air...
I painted out back today, when I started the driveway hadn't bee plowed, so i figured it was a good day to paint here.

This is where I ended up, note that the little white dots are snowflakes.

Here is my scene, I'm across the creek on our "back lot" our bridge in the center.

My first few blocks of color, if you can call it that!

At 27 degrees, it felt downright balmy!, I'm also in the most wind-protected spots. I only needed my finger-less cotton gloves.

This is about 1/2 way through a 1 3/4 hour session.  I felt compromised by the starkness of the bridge, and the shape of the creek.  I was able to work facing east in the afternoon because it was so cloudy. I loved the surrounding woodland with the tree branches, brambles and snow!

This is my wife, Alane, skiing over the bridge, with Ollie!

Here is the view the other way, I just realized today that you can see the far hills ( there above the putrid-yellow garage)  Now if I could just paint that out....

Here is my painting spot from the bridge. The place is seriously overgrown, and much easier to get to in the winter. I've thought about hacking down some of the vegetation...

My scene at session 's end, I don't think it changed at all.

Maybe I'll touch-up a few things,  it's always interesting to compare the photo with the painting, but it's not the end of it, the painting needs to work independently of the photo, not the other way around.

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