Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice Fire!


Tonight is the Solstice,  so here is a fire. Stare at a fire, and you're in a cave, where every man, woman or child  has stared at a fire warmed by it's sustenance,  fed by it's consumption, lived to see another day.  This is the mark of the year, a time to take stock, to assess what has gone down, and think about what is to come.  Like all of our ancestors,  this is the time to be thankful,  loving, and invest in a bit of soul searching. How many of these will we see in our lifetimes? how many have come and gone, and will come again? How fortunate we are to have lives full of meaning, full of plenty, how trivial are so many silly little things, when we have the sun and the moon! God bless you my friend.  


  1. At this time of the year, we all tend to do some introspection. But I think we need it. The whole year, things go too fast...

    1. Yes how true! Happy new year Chani, May this be your best year ever! Matt

    2. Thanks, Matt! The same for you and your family!