Monday, December 9, 2013

Touching-up, catelogueing and varnishing.

A blog about some practical matters.

Here I am touching up Saturday's painting. My easel is a bandsaw. I bring my pallet back and try and use it before it starts to dry, being below freezing is good!

I keep my calendar and write down where I painted on the day, with "day 1" or "day 2" distinctions, if relevant.  I also started noting the size. I keep a running tally, so each painting has a unique number. I started this when I did my "re-boot" in May 2012.

I then mark the back with the information, and I sign my name. I use locations to title the paintings

Here I'm varnishing. I use damar varnish that I make by diluting damar crystals in turpentine.

Now that it's cold and the paint has gotten really stiff, I'll make a medium with damar and stand oil and terp. we'll try that.