Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unfinished NY: Rained out of the Hoosick River.

39  F  Thickly overcast. Rain.
This is where I bailed today, after about 1/2 hour or so.

This spot is off the main road, one I've driven by so many times!

Considering how grey everything is, not a bad scene.

My first block in. I thought I was real clever using the same pallet, literally I had saved since Christmas eve!

Fisherman's Lane is a causeway-like road that goes along side the river in Schagticoke, There's a rail-bridge, as you can see, and the road bridge, that's way up high over a falls, so there's lots of great subject matter in this area.

It was warm today so all I needed is my finger-less cotton gloves, yes they double as brush cleaners and smudgers!

This is cut off at the bottom, but it's where I stopped, there was just too much water! Now I'm not sure if I'll have a day similar in lighting to today, I'm happy wit this start and what I got in such a short amount of time. I used the knife for the biggest areas. there's still a lot of water on it,
 This rail truck followed the train, I've always thought this would be the way to go.

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