Sunday, January 26, 2014

Battenville revisited, first hike-in arctic blast

13  F  gusty wind
Last fall, September, I think, I did this bridge from the other side of the river, today the light was so crisp and the new snow was so bright, and  I wanted a water scene, I knew where to go.

8 x 10

Here is my scene, I had to hike in probably 100 yards, there was fresh snow but it wasn't deep and I was able to park close to the bridge.

It always takes a few minutes to decide where to start and stop the view, I don't want to do a portrait of the bridge, and I didn't want a miniature, where the image is so condensed  that there is no intimacy with the elements, so I did something I felt comfortable with, the opposite bank with the landing and part of the bridge.

I work differently in this cold, I'm squinting more, my movements are erratic and focusing becomes a huge challenge, but that's what I'm there to do, so I'm letting other details go, and there are lots of details.

It was a very black and white day, so I got those in first, it made a lot of sense in the cold, I welcome a strait forward approach, even if it doesn't last....

Sky and some reflection, It's at it's most weird place, and is the time for my muffin brake!

 The air is so clear on a day like this, there is so much detail, so much has to be ignored! I'm working fuzzy.

This is where it ended, I had been out about 1 1/2 hours, and the cold was really seeping in, there was a bit of wind at the start, but it had died down just a bit, but still, the wind on my face was a factor I couldn't ignore.

My scene.

Looking across the river, an old mill crumbles....

Looking up river, so many good scenes......


  1. I love the way you photographed your work as a piece of the actual landscape. VERY nice work, Matthew.

    1. Thanks, I usually try and put the scene next to the painting, which is the way I look at them both while painting, I saw another artist do it this way and thought I'd try it.