Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cambridge Creek @ Coila Rd. Today's adventure

5  F   sunny, a bit of wind.
This is where I ended today.

I was on foot today, and I wanted to get off my place. I had painted here in September, and liked it even though I picked another spot very close. This is probably 1/2 mile on foot from my house.

I want car shopping in the morning and only had a little time, although  by the time I gathered my stuff and walked over to my spot, I was outside for about 45 minutes, add about an hour to actually paint, and a few minutes and I got cold.

My first blocks.

I liked trying to figure out how to put in the houses, but default they would have to be sketchy.

I'm almost frozen and am looking for a way out. I'm really not happy with the snow, everything else is going so quick!

Again, where I ended up.

Sometimes you can't get close enough and others you can't get far back enough!

I had a hard time settling in on this scene, and when it's crazy cold, every minute counts......

The paint was very thick today.

Here is the view up stream, as you can see, it's high here, (and cold!) I tried to look this way, but my canvas was going the wrong way and had sun on it.

Looking north, nice tree.

Now this is just silly.

Here is the last I've seen of my truck! I got it to do carpentry with (and to have kid room) so I'm looking at mini vans,  prioritizing my painting life, (and kid hauling), but it's big change. I've had full-sized Chevy trucks since I was 20 years old, somewhere around 1981.

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