Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cambridge Creek: outback with fresh snow!

30  F  mostly cloudy. some flakes.
I can't go four days without painting, I seem to loose so much.

Here is another way to measure.

11" x 14"

It works just as well as with the brush handle.

I'm out back, looking at the creek, the bridge, and beyond that is the play house and my shop.

I liked this scene because of the way the light raked over the snow and bounced off the water, I also thought the elements would make a good composition.

My first block-in, I'm finally happy about my tone, it's the right temperature, and the right value.

Starting the white.

It felt like four days without painting and I was out of practice, I had to get my game on and push through!

I ended up not focusing on the thing that originally drew me to the spot, which was the light off the water, but the composition of elements.

By the 2nd 1/2 of my session, the clouds set in. It was getting ugly, being close to home meant I could go get stuff like extra rags and coffee, and I could warm up. I'm not sure it was going to help.

I pushed it around for a while.....

....and ended up here. Somehow I pulled it off and was actually pleased with the results.

My reception was on Thursday eve, my truck won't start,and my new lap-top came, and I'm not sure how to put all my pictures on it, and etc... and we had guests over the week end, but it's all good!, (but distracting), and that gets in the way of painting, ah, life!

There was a lot in this scene, and it wasn't that cold, I worked for over 2 1/2 hours (including a few longer breaks than usual).

Here is my reception at the Glens Falls City Hall, We had a lovely time, I haven't sold anything yet, but had one request for a commission, met a FB friend in person and got some nice positive feed back from friends, old and new.


  1. Wish you all the best again for your exhibition! Meeting friends in person after years of Internet contact is a wonderful thing.

    1. Thanks Chani, It's hard to be "old school" these days, but I like doing things in person most.