Thursday, January 30, 2014

Delavan and Lincoln Hill Day 2 recovery from the snow bank.

26  F sunny and warm! no wind!
Here is where I ended up today, it might need some tweaking, (the snow bank in the foreground doesn't look right)   but it's the first 2 day painting in a long time.

I allowed more of the "tone" of the canvas to show through in this, mostly in the road. It was the right color and worked, why not?

This is where I started today, it was just before 1:00, there was some grit in the paint that I carefully removed, and did my best to get the sky back to where I wanted it.

The sky and light were very close to yesterdays. The blue wasn't as intense I decided I liked that quality of the sky and not to "make up" clouds, the intensity of the blue would carry the sky (or not).

 I spent some time on the middle ground trees, trying to get that delicate tone just right..... and on the bits of snow that's seen through the trees in the mid and far ground.

If the painting hadn't gone over, I would have given it another 15 minutes  or so and been done, but whenever I go back, I always spent way more time, today I my session was 1 1/2 hours!

The sun was bright, and I had to keep moving the panel so the light didn't "drag" across it.

I did this scene (or something close to it) last march, the silo in the background it the same as the one I did today. It's presence in the landscape is cool.

Here is my set up, I really like my new "paintmobile" luxurious in a grungy sort of way. (it's getting paint on it of course)

Here is the view looking the other way.  This is beautiful White Creek NY, near Cambridge, in Washington County. It's  beautiful all year round!


  1. Well done! A beautiful sky. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you Chani, I hope you too have a beautiful sky overhead, Best, Matt