Monday, January 13, 2014

Duel Hollow Rd, revisited.

50  F  light clouds, some sun.
This is where I ended up today, one of my favorite spots is in this picture.

Tone: way too red.  Block in prussian and cadmium, big mistake!  I did this last year, about the same time, what was I thinking?

Add road.

Here is where I panicked about the prussian blue, which I had scrapped off, but was getting into everything, it's so strong, I guess I forgot!

So I slathered on the ocre and began to push back the prussian.

I had started at 12:00 it was well over an hour at this point, I'm trying to rescue it from the deep blue.

Most places are covered over with anything but prussian, but those far hills.......

Here is my scene, the van you may see along the side of the road is none other than George Van Hook's

Getting there, the light was very stable, I had over 2 hours!

There's a bit of glare on the painting, and I'd like to tweak it a bit, but I've been saying that and not doing it.

The prussian got everywhere today, but I didn't have to wear any gloves, how weird is that?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks John, it's one of my favorite roads, and close to home.

  2. Very nice work! I tend to find a painting one has to struggle with, often comes out tops in the end.
    Prussian blue - what a stainer! It magically gets everywhere.

    1. Thank you Andrew, often I get to a place in the painting where I'm trying to paint myself out of it (whatever that means) and I often don't know what I've got until I get it back home. The prussian well that's another story....

  3. What a fun post. Been there, done that. Prussian blue is THE most invasive color--it defies control and can end up anywhere and everywhere! I love how you documented your struggles and stages and then managed to conquer it.

    1. Thanks Jan, I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's why I write it! You'd think with having done the same thing a year ago.......Matt

  4. A nice work and a beautiful landscape (no snow at all!)

  5. Hello Matt.
    I have notice a steady improvement from my point of view in your paintings. I seem to notice a strong influence of J. F. Carlson in your subjects and approach of painting or am I wrong? In this last painting I have noticed more grays than blacks which in turns from my prospective adds more depth and atmosphere.
    Nice work.

    1. Hi Daniele,You are right in your observation, I've read Carson's book twice in the last year or so, and have tried, to follow his advice. I've been if anything struggling to get the darks dark enough, while in other aspects of painting I have a hard time even identifying what I'm actually doing,(or not). I do believe the paintings are getting better! Thanks, Matt