Friday, January 10, 2014

Duel Hollow Road to abstraction.

34  F  Cloudy  earlier snow showers
This was around 3:30, I had gotten a late start, it was snowing this morning and was real overcast in the afternoon, the sky didn't change much.  I had worked on it for 1 1/4 hours.

This is how I measure.

Notice my brush is measuring my scene. (it's not quite exact here) The general tenant for the sight-size method, at least in how I understand/practice it is I line up the right side of my canvas with the left side of an imaginary rectangle to the right (you could go the the left, just as easily,and I do sometimes), then I draw horizontally across the canvas along the top and bottom, essentially so you can visually line up, at the same size, the scene and the canvas, I use my brush as illustrated.

I've done this scene many times (I'll try to find some)  I like how the fields, bushes , trees , etc.. within the border of my rectangle make an essentially abstract arrangement of shapes, color form, and texture.

I'm using my pallet from Wednesday,  because it was so cold, it was essentially in a deep freeze and hadn't dried at all, even in typical winter there is some drying, everything has it's advantages!

Here is my first block in. I'm using the natural canvas that has been saturated/sealed with two coats of rabbit skin glue.  It's just about the tone I wanted, and the texture was great. I don't know why I ever bothered to use a coat of oil primer over the RSG. I still might want to tone over the natural color, I was also being real lazy.

Add sky and some snow.

Add more snow and some grass.  This painting looked out of focus from the start.....

Close, time to start putting in trees.  I often wait (always) for the thins that go on top of other things.

Where I ended up.

A selfie.

This is the same scene in September, 2013.


  1. Fascinating series of photos. Felt like I was there. Thanks for taking the time to do this.!

    1. Thank you Sara! I often forget to snap a quick photo at regular intervals, it really does only take a second. I'm glad to open up this "window of the world" in a place that's generally pretty quiet (maybe 5 cars go by) for an activity that's pretty solitary, (well you know what I mean). Thanks for reading! Matt

    2. Great post Matt, Im going to try the sizing method and using the side of the canvas for an edge of your view as I still get lost at where I am looking sometimes. Thumbs up.

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    4. Hi John, Thanks for your comment, I wanted to give you a link, but I wasn't sure it worked the first time, (I put it in my post from Wednesday, July 3, 2013, if it doesn't work here) Robert Douglas Hunter introduced me to a number of artists who taught me the method, this was 1980. It stuck with me and I like it because it's so simple. Matt