Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flat land, flat day, Brownell Corners Rd. White Creek, NY

43  F   Cloudy  
This is what I came up with today,

Here was my scene when I started around 1:00  I've wanted to paint this barn, but the sun was always wrong, since there was no sun today, I figured, why not?

first blocks +sky.

As I filled in the canvas, I realized how close in value everything was, all in the middle!

I got the sky the lightest which is good, barn roof was just off of that, good, but still.....

I liked the dark of the pine tree on the left

I probably could have continued on, but my daughter's basketball game was starting and I didn't want to miss (too much of)  it.

This photo shows the scene more saturated with color, and the painting washed out, oh well!


  1. Very good to see the process herein, 'tis hard to get photos of ALL just "right," but am loving those grays.

    1. Thanks Marcy, I've been trying to get the paintings photographed at regular intervals, I forget often.....there is a lot to love in those grays, there is a lot of gray. Matt

  2. That is it. go gray . great job.