Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flat land, flat day, Brownell Corners Rd. White Creek, NY

43  F   Cloudy  
This is what I came up with today,

Here was my scene when I started around 1:00  I've wanted to paint this barn, but the sun was always wrong, since there was no sun today, I figured, why not?

first blocks +sky.

As I filled in the canvas, I realized how close in value everything was, all in the middle!

I got the sky the lightest which is good, barn roof was just off of that, good, but still.....

I liked the dark of the pine tree on the left

I probably could have continued on, but my daughter's basketball game was starting and I didn't want to miss (too much of)  it.

This photo shows the scene more saturated with color, and the painting washed out, oh well!