Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hoosick River, frozen @ Buskirk's Bridge

13  F  sunny & windy 
Today was brutally cold, it was the wind, it cuts right through! The sun was gorgeous and it brought so much color out, how can't I get out and paint it? 

9 x 12 

I didn't have much time, even though I knew I wouldn't last long with the wind chill. I had tried to find a spot by Eagle Bridge, but it wasn't right, and I had it in my head to come to Buskirk, so here I am. 

The light is on my canvas, which I rarely do!  I couldn't fool around with spending too much time to get my to my spot, and I found this opposite bank,/bridge abutment, Which I had done Sunday @ the Battenkill River, so I guess I do what's familiar. 

I brought the sky down so I could get some of it in my picture, (felt like I was cheating a bit), I eliminated the house, (not enough time).

This is after about an hour of painting. Even though the wind was mostly at my back (maybe why I chose to look that way?) my face and eyes were getting past their workable place, under these circumstances I just have to go on instinct.

I liked the colors, the red, didn't seem as red as it does in the photo, but the contrasts were fantastic and the white snow on the river, was remarkable, with the blue shadows on it, the sky blue and the trees.

I'm standing on the south bank, under my easel is a large chunk of ice that remained there after the river receded from this height. 

This bridge was restored not long ago and I'm so glad it's really a beauty! 

I love these places! 

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