Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I forgot how to paint. Ashgrove Rd.

19-14 degrees, sunny, calm

Some days more than others I start out and I forget which way is up. I don't know why this happens, It's like I'm in some other world, it looks similar, but there is this blank canvas....

Here is where I ended up today. It does need a tweaking (this photo looks too cool)

Here is my scene, It's on Ashgrove Rd. just north of Mckie Hollow Rd. I was driving up the road wanting a view of the White Creek, when I found this spot, I'm right on the road, but it's a dead end and not many cars go by.

A brand new pallet (I use scrap Plexiglas that I've had lying around, and cut it to the same size as my panels so if I'm carrying it any distance I can put in in the panel carrier with the panel(s).

Here is my first block-in. My tone is a warm light brown, and I modulated the dark a bit for the pretty dark areas. My hand is blocking the sun on the top right.

It's often difficult to get a photo of the painting and the scene that are both in-focus, I had to back up more than I usually do.

Add sky.

This is almost done, I started at
1:30,  almost an hour after I actually left the house, I finished at 3:10, and for the most part it was a comfortable day.  There was hardly any wind and my start temperature was 19 F, so I made 1hr, 40 minutes, but started to get cold fingers and feet. The sun had changed the shadows quite a lot, so I had to catch myself from trying to chase it as I went.

Here is my set-up.  Despite getting hardened by the cold, my time out doors is limited, so quick and easy set-up is a must. It was 14 F when I got home.

In this photo I have both the painting and the scene in focus, but obviously the sizes are different!


  1. Love the progression thanks for posting , very inspiring to see the actual process that you are doing

    1. Thanks Fred! I think the process is everything, it's where you live, how you think, what you believe, it contains the good as well as the bad, and no matter it's the truth. best, Matt

  2. The last photo is amazing! Well done.

  3. Great job! I can see a bunch of paintings there from different angles just from the photo. It'd be cool to see this in different seasons too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I often go back to favorite spots, I did today! I'm happy to share....