Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I forgot how to paint. Ashgrove Rd.

19-14 degrees, sunny, calm

Some days more than others I start out and I forget which way is up. I don't know why this happens, It's like I'm in some other world, it looks similar, but there is this blank canvas....

Here is where I ended up today. It does need a tweaking (this photo looks too cool)

Here is my scene, It's on Ashgrove Rd. just north of Mckie Hollow Rd. I was driving up the road wanting a view of the White Creek, when I found this spot, I'm right on the road, but it's a dead end and not many cars go by.

A brand new pallet (I use scrap Plexiglas that I've had lying around, and cut it to the same size as my panels so if I'm carrying it any distance I can put in in the panel carrier with the panel(s).

Here is my first block-in. My tone is a warm light brown, and I modulated the dark a bit for the pretty dark areas. My hand is blocking the sun on the top right.

It's often difficult to get a photo of the painting and the scene that are both in-focus, I had to back up more than I usually do.

Add sky.

This is almost done, I started at
1:30,  almost an hour after I actually left the house, I finished at 3:10, and for the most part it was a comfortable day.  There was hardly any wind and my start temperature was 19 F, so I made 1hr, 40 minutes, but started to get cold fingers and feet. The sun had changed the shadows quite a lot, so I had to catch myself from trying to chase it as I went.

Here is my set-up.  Despite getting hardened by the cold, my time out doors is limited, so quick and easy set-up is a must. It was 14 F when I got home.

In this photo I have both the painting and the scene in focus, but obviously the sizes are different!