Thursday, January 23, 2014

View from out back: George and Mary's house.

11 F  sunny,
The sun had gone down and any pretense that it was bearable was over. With the longer days I get more time right when I need it, I painted for 50 minutes, spent about 20 minutes getting set up and taking it down....

This is my scene, when I started the sun was just above the hill. the white house is George and Mary's, they moved to Florida in the fall, and are greatly missed! The chicken coop and my shop are on the right. I liked the cedar tree (next to my house, to the left if it)

Sometimes I wonder why I do the darks first. I actually like the tone, and the middle value is perfect.

There is a lot of squinting to get it this fuzzy.

I only got three photos.

I bought a new paint mobile today!  I'll get it on the road tomorrow, and maybe I'll paint with it tomorrow too.

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