Friday, February 7, 2014

Battenkill River boogie woogie

26  F, sunny fresh snow.
OK so I guess this is a theme.

12 x 16

I'm really liking the middle tone. I'm not sure why I put the clouds in first.

It was a beautiful day with the mercury topping out at 26 degrees!  Paint time was close to 2 hours, over 2 hours total outdoor time, and I was hardly cold at the end of the session.

It's close to a monochrome, at about 3/4's the way into it.

This is the end of the session, the tree could use a little help.

Here is my scene at the beginning of the session, the light changed a little, but it wasn't a deal breaker, I've painted at "Pook's" before,  maybe 3 times?, all of the old metal RR bridge, right next to this, the road bridge. It's a modern bridge, concrete, and I like it's relationship to the wildness of the river and surrounding landscape.

My pallet. I don't understand how to keep the colors "clean" nor the brushes, nor my mind.

Here is all my stuff. I can carry it in one shot, although today I hiked around a bit to find where I wanted to paint from, it was close to where I had to park, so going back once to carry works fine.

It's a bit primitive, but true to it's owner.

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