Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Battenkill River @ Bypass Road, the fun never stops!

20  F  sun, but on the run

OK I'm addicted to this river, and it's bridges.

I liked this scene because the opposing hill with the trees sticking out of the snow, was behind the river and bridge, like it just arranged itself for me.

Like the darks I've been splitting the light of the snow into two categories the snow in the sun, the brightest and the snow in the shadow, still pretty light, but cool, blue.

I'm still using the same M.O. for these paintings, my tone is so close to some in my scene I could leave some exposed, and maybe there is.  After the snow the next different thing is the water, very dark.

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I had some pallet issues today, when I started on the delicate fuzzy trees, I couldn't get the hue right, I switched out the burnt sienna with burnt umber, and was missing the redness of the seinna, so I used a bit more (tiny bit) of alizerine, but just couldn't get it.

I kinda resigned my hue problems and went on with the trees, it helped.

I was going back and forth over the area defined by snow under trees, it's a layering game, I get the snow, both warm and sunny and the snow in the shadow, blue, then I work the trees over it.

When it gets to where your just fussing and it doesn't seem to be improving, you just have to call it.

The scene at the start, about 12:30, I  worked until about 2:30, the light came and went a bit, but none of that mattered, I was cold but worked as much as I could have.

The advantage of the cold is that my paint stays fresh for days, but it can get stinking messy!

Looking south down Bypass Road, Greenwich, NY

I hiked off the road at a few spots, one of which I had painted a number of times, but found this, easy.


  1. Nice one matt . My pallet looks like that after 4 mins work lol. Anther nice post :-)

    1. Thanks John, I hear about artist saying they keep their colors "clean" and have no idea what they're talking about,brushes too!