Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cropping on Quaker Hill Road White Creek, NY.

20  F,  hazy cloud cover,
This is in the "Crik" South and East of Cambridge, very close to N. Bennington, Vermont, and where I ended up today.

11 x 14

I liked the softness of the snow, and the way it rolled back to the barn roofs, then the hills behind peaking out, middle and distant.

I blocked in with white first. It seemed to make sense.

The "drawing" of this felt a bit contrived, at least at first. The depicted area in this painting is a bit bigger that I've been doing and it felt a bit "bigger".

The light was seeping into the scene from behind the cloud cover, and there was a subtle "pulsing"  between the warm light and the cool reflections, their boundaries were ill defined and seemed to WaWa with each other.

By the time I got here I was starting to "over work" the barn roofs and a few other spots. I had been outside for most of 2 hours and even though the temp. was 20 or more, the cold was seeping in especially my fingers and toes. I started out at 2:00 drove around more than I wanted to, (right by some spots I'd been to before), then kept going so by the time I actually started to put paint on it was about 2:45. It's important time, and part of the process.

 Money Shot.

So when I spend all sorts of time trying to find "the" scene, I'm essentially "cropping" the picture, maybe not the way the modernist did, (by literally cutting the paintings up), but by finding the composition in the elements of the landscape.  Does that make any sense?

Looking South, I'm on Quaker Hill Rd. looking toward Meeting House Rd.  Not far, about 1 mile is Jermain Hall where  Alane and I had our wedding reception, and the school house, that we bought and converted to a house and sold, so I know the neighborhood a bit.

 Looking East.

Looking North.