Friday, February 28, 2014

Herrington Hill Road, the deep freeze continues.

15  F sunny!
I've been working on getting my show together, but I couldn't resist, this beautiful, cold day!

I started just before 4:00, and it didn't seem too bad, I was at ski club, Willard Mountain with Hope, when she went out to ski I went to paint.

 It looks like a mess, but I've got two lights, warm and cool, and two darks also warm and cool, I don't consciously do this, but I'm looking at my scene and trying to match the tones, they're slippery, so going back and forth constantly is the name of the game.

OK so this is my thing I'm looking into the sunset and down the road, there are good views all over, I could look in any direction, but I like the "vortex" theme, the light provides contrast galore: "know thy self" who said that?

My concentration on the tone sacrifices the drawing, that and the speed at which I go. the cold means spending an hour, at 15 degrees, max, and the sun is moving fast, which happens in the summer too.

The farm in the middle distance is hardly visible in my painting, some of the hard edges might be a welcome contrast to all the fuzziness.

This is where I ended up, .I could probably tighten up the trees, but I probably won't.  There is a lot of bare (just toned) canvas in the fore ground part of the road, and I'm liking that.

So now I'm going to be behind in my show preparations, I need to finish the framing, the labels and other printed stuff and publicity is that all?


  1. Nice job Matt! I always enjoy seeing other artists' process. And in terms of procrastinating, I couldn't think of any better way than plein air painting! ;)
    (Kudos for you for braving the cold to paint too, living in Florida I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to temperature!) Best of luck with your upcoming show!

  2. Thank you Cory, what a nice thing for you to say! I agree about the procrastination, I'm also so used to working in the cold, everyday I dress in many layers, it's just routine now. I'm not sure if I could handle the heat of Florida in the summer.

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