Monday, February 17, 2014

Horton Road, the curse put to rest.

20  F  sunny, no wind.
So I didn't scrape this off.  Yesterday, with the wind and my disposition, well it wasn't good.  In the mid afternoon I was feeling like I had to get back and put the curse to rest.

11 x 14

Here I had just started to change the sky, which had changed dramatically from yesterday, I really put blue in it, the first photo isn't quite right.

I started later than yesterday, and had way better shadows today even though they were small and in the distance. The weather was fine, and I had my mojo back.

The composition problems remain, with the huge boring sky, the snow in the foreground, and all the interest in the center, it's not my usual.

Not too shabby, my scene at the start of today, I hate having unresolved paintings, so I was glad to get this done.  Mr Horton stopped by so it was nice to meet him too.

Learning what doesn't work for you is important, and defines the boundaries of what does work.


  1. Quite unusal to see so many buildings on one of your paintings... A beautiful sky!

  2. Thanks Chani, I'm not sure what I was thinking, every so often I do a painting with a big sky and a big view, but never walk away thinking this is "me" who knows?