Sunday, February 23, 2014

Old Cambridge Road,

42  F  Clearing toward dusk
Where I ended up today, after aboutan hour of actual paint time, I spent at least a 1/2 hour (more) driving around scoping out spots.  I was out late at dinner and a movie and was tired, I pushed through,

I.m looking into the light, I just couldn't decide on a spot, what do I learn when I'm pushing through exhaustion?

It was nice out today, some sun here and there, I wanted a water view and passed a bunch of good ones up, I don't know why.

Thr lowering sun brought even more contrasts, which I like, but I didn't need.

It's really a mess.

My scene toward the end of the session, longer days mean more time to paint, but more distractions too.


  1. I would not say that your painting is a mess. It is all right if you do not compare it with the spot itself. It has its own dynamic...

  2. Thanks Chani, you always see the best in things! I appreciate it!