Thursday, February 6, 2014

Out back in the fresh snow!

10  F  sunny and crisp,
9 x 12

I got my taxes done today! and had a bit of time after my appointment to paint. the day was bright and crisp, but cold, I didn't get started until around 4:00, so it's nice that there's more daylight.

I'm sizing the canvas, with rabbit skin glue, so there is a nice tone before I even start. I'm also much sketcheir with the first dark strokes.

I'm liking the concept of actually using the canvas/tone and letting it how through, why not Sargent and Homer did.

I put more blue in the sky than there was, and I tried to put the sunlight on the tree tops in back, even after the sun was just about gone from them.

This was my scene when I started, it's right out side of my shop doors, I didn't want to do the swing set, so I didn't. Notice the light on the trees to the left, I didn't get it. I painted for less than an hour, but with set-up and break down.  I'm also more cavalier about my layering, I didn't have my heavy weight thermals or my insulated bibs on,  only one wool sweater,  and my fake wool socks. It makes a difference, so next year I'm going to get some better stuff, like boots and maybe if I'm good some wool long johns!

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