Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rouse Road, snow and warm weather, this can't last. (yesterday and last year)

42  F w/ big bright back-lit clouds.
I got a late start today, well yesterday, really and went strait to a favorite spot,  There were big white backlit clouds on a blue sky and I knew this scene would work, the sky by the time I finished was cloudy.

I'm working small, 8 x 10, I only had an hour to actually paint, so.....

The sun/shadow snow pattern, and their relative values, was the game, at least at this stage.

OK., so the composition......

This is where I ended up, I spent about an hour actual painting time.

The clouds moved over the scene a few times, and eventually it clouded over. The photo doesn't show the distinction in the snow, the subtitles in the shadows, and you can see how the clouds are back lit, but I'n not really a cloud guy.

This is from last February, I was never able to say I liked it, but it was always a bit mysterious to me.

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