Friday, March 14, 2014

Cobble Hill Road warm despite itself.

36  F  sunny!
It was very overcast most of the day, but around 4:00 it started to clear.

The scene at the start, still a bit hazy, again I'm facing the sunset, I just can't shake certain things, as much as I think maybe I will.



By now I have the basics and the fine tuning can start. I'm trying to put color in I swear, but there it is (or isn't) but it is.

This is what I'm talk'n about, it's impossible to see!

As the sun went down the light off the snow made the contrasts stronger and more dramatic, I liked that, there is no chasing it just increases the same patterns of light and dark.

by now the light was illuminating the far hills like a stage set, it's never like that! I had some trouble with the farmstead, lots of information, I only needed a little.

A side by side shot, this is what I look at, always comparing the scene to the panel, I'm squinting anyway, but with the sun....

The view to the north....

The view to the South, I painted this view, only farther up the road a number of times.

 I like this, I'm lazy, and nobody's around!  Just a few cars driving by.....

My pallet, it's all one big pile of messy grey, some painters can keep their colors "clean" that wouldn't be me.