Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dog day at the Johnsonville Bridge,

26 F  sunny few clouds, gusty winds.
My "money shot" didn't line up!  I painted it standing too close, so my viewpoint was too close for the camera, but the light worked out OK.

Ollie came today, he helped my scout around for a spot, it took a while, I went back to the spot I had done in  December, but the light was too much in my eyes, so I found another spot.

I had a difficult time getting my panel and scene to comply with each other, the wind was ferocious, and my panel was too low.

My panel was shaded which I liked and the sun was to the side, I'm looking south, and the sun is off to the west moving away, the only down side is the light in the scene is setting a little at a time, I have to deal,

I wanted to get the light areas of snow in, because I knew these would be going soon, I try to stick with the adage "put the most different thing in", so where ever your at, look at the canvas, and your scene and put in the most different element,.

Blue in shadowed snow!

Once the big areas are done I can put things like trees in. I like to cross horizontal lines with vertical lines and break up lines that are too long and boring.

The bridge.  There is no traffic, the bridge is closed although I saw a few people walk over it, there weren't many cars since they go around a different route as a detour.

It comes down to details, it's cold, but not bad and I've got close to two hours of actual paint time.

This is just before I'm wrapping it up and the painting gets fumbled down into the snow!

It wasn't going to line up, I guess I hadn't worked this close to a painting this size since I started doing these shots.


  1. Well done again! And... Ollie is beautiful! A hunting dog?

  2. Thanks Iwan and Chani, Ollie is a great dog, but no we don't hunt, we just play all day!