Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring! Content Farm Road.

42  F  mostly cloudy with small spots of sun, windy!
Here is today's sketch, I didn't think I'd get out today, but after my morning stuff I saw some sun and went around the corner, this took just over 1/2 hour and that's quick  it's 7 x 10.

Cloudy as you can see, this is a road I've painted a lot, I went to look at a window job today and the weather started to shape up at mid day, if I had my paints I could have found a spot in Albany.....

My last of the old dark brown panels from a year ago, got to finish the next batch of panels! in some ways it's great to start off dark and work the white of the snow over it, it's just too brown.

Landscapes have narratives, they often involve  being and going some where, and the narrator (painter) is speaking to the viewer, I just wanted to point that out, this picture has a bit of an antique feel because there is no reference to anything man made, except some wire fence posts.

I ended up letting a lot of the brown tone show through, and I'm not sure what I feel about it.

Despite all that maybe the color of mud season(spring) is seeping into the paint.

Here is my scene, I really did add color, was it there?

It was wicked windy! this handy water jug and bungi  cord did the trick.

After having to stay home in the AM, Ollie wanted to come no matter what!


  1. I am happy to see that you needed a little bit more green to perform this picture. Yes, spring is definitely coming! (And Ollie is so cute).

  2. Thanks Chani! We're all going a bit nuts with the sping not happening like it usually does, I hope spring in Spain is the best for you!

  3. Thank you, spring is here, the days are becoming longer. But in Southern Spain, winter is warmer than North European summer, that is why so many people spend the winter months here (like Canadian citizens in Florida, Arizona, etc.)