Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hudson River and the Route 4 Trestle Bridge!

33  F  sunny, calm.
Every painting is a reaction to the last, or so it seems, today I was wanting a Hudson River view, and maybe a bridge, I wanted a big view, and I guess I didn't want to look into the sun like I always end up doing, of course, it was earlier than I usually get out and this time the sun ended up on my canvas.
 11 x 14

Here is my scene, not bad, really, I "looked through" the little trees (then wondered about it later)......From the location of the sun I knew it would come around to shine on the panel, But I got set up and there I was!

My first block-ins,  The challenge, in addition to the relative position of the sun, was getting the water to look right, I have a tendency to use less color than is needed, and the value of water is always tough to get.

I almost left the tone for the wooded bank on the other side of the bridge, it was so close.

I was right up on the other side of a guard rail, safe, but a bit un-nerving with cars whizzing by.

I spent about 1 hour, 45 minutes, and the only thing that made me call it was I didn't think I could pull it out of itself, the light stayed, I wasn't cold, or hungry, but the traffic made contemplation difficult, I always like to turn away and get a bit of perspective, not easy in this spot.

In the end not so bad.

Looking south I'm on Route 32, the bridge is route 4.

Looking North on Rt. 32, maybe the narrow strip of land on this side of the guard rail isn't the best place.

I couldn't resist snapping this.

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