Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hudson River, RR Bridge, S.R.32 Mechanicville, NY

51  F and sunny!
I went to Clifton Park today, and crossed the Hudson, so I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity to paint it.

14 x 16

Despite the sun shine the day was hazy, the warm weather brought up the moisture in the snow so it was in the air and I wanted contrasts, I decided a good industrial motif would be perfect, it took me a while to find, even thought I had passed it by at first, what a fantastic bridge!

 I was right on the Road, which has lots of fast moving trucks, so the whoosh of traffic adds a certain element to the painting, made under those conditions, yes, it becomes part of the painting. I was also pressed for time, as usual.

I'm attributing the sway in the bridge and the road/guard rail to the traffic.

These photos are a bit washed out,  working fast and hastily I was getting the basics without hitting some obvious,  the iron work was a lot to try and get right, and do quickly....

All in all not as bad a place as I might have thought, I really wanted the bridge and I got it.

A young couple stopped just as I started to pack up and asked  if I sold my paintings, I said yes, gave them my card and an invitation the my shows and asked for a picture of me, here I am.


  1. This bridge is really a great spot and your painting of it is great! And it would be fantastic if you could get 2 new clients this way.

  2. Thanks Chani, the drama comes from the overwhelming presence of the bridge in the landscape, but even though I was safe, the cars and trucks going by added an urgency that isn't usually there.

  3. Nice. I'm a train fanatic and that's an awesome view, thanks for posting this.

  4. Thanks Doug, and you're welcome, I love the bridges and old industrial monuments of upstate NY, especially when they're viewed in the vast natural world. Thanks for your comment!